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These tiny 'piccolo' sized washable paper bags come in an array of colours & can be used for salt & pepper holders, sugar containers, etc (make sure to let us know if you'd like to use them as vases, as they need an extra insert). 


W5 x D5 x H11cm, each bag hired individually.


About the supplier


UASHMAMA produces bags made from washable paper. The paper is made using a cultivated fibre so does not contribute to deforestation and promotes sustainability. The bags are all sewn in a cottage in Tuscany, in a village that once struggled after tourists began bypassing it for more popular areas. The village now thrives again with the growth of UASHMAMA, who employ a large group of local men and women to sew from home.


We currently stock these colours:




Dark Grey



UASHMAMA salt & pepper bag