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  • No fast-fashion. Trends come and go & to the best of our ability we wish to stay on-trend. However, we strive to make certain that the elements  making up our collection, while tasteful and beautiful, should not be mass-manufactured, copied or be produced at the expense of the planet or the people making them. 

  • Recycle, up-cycle. We are hunting day & night for items which are rescued from being discarded, or remade from something that is no longer needed for its original use. Choices that protect the planet such as recycled timber, metals, paper & other materials are always our first choice. We try our best to package & transport items sustainably also. 

  • Local makers need our support. The cost of producing beautiful art often comes at a price in that large orders, repeats & fast-turnaround can be difficult. However, we want to always support Australian makers and so while we cannot always promise that our supply will match demand, we prefer to keep our suppliers local as much as possible. 

  • Living-wages. All items in our collection come with a guarantee that the people who made them (to the best of our knowledge) are paid properly, have access to employee benefits & protection, are treated fairly & enjoy their work. All off-shore produced items are passed through the Baptist World Aid ethical consumer guide & we make contact with suppliers to obtain their employer charters & other relevant documents. The exploitation of workers has long been a standard practice for retailers in Australia & we believe in playing our part to end that pattern. 

  • Affordability. We never want cost to prohibit customers from choosing the most sustainable option & so we aim to keep our costs as low as possible (while still being a sustainable business model), free of hidden costs or sneaky add-ons. What you are quoted is what you will pay. However, we pay proper wholesale or full cost for our products & do not bully our suppliers into giving us unreasonable discounts. You can be sure that suppliers are paid properly for the product you hire. 

  • Transparency. The above list contains our methodology in the way that we obtain our products & deliver our service. Our prices reflect the appropriate tax rate & include gst. While we reserve the right to adjust prices based on the cost of goods, we at all times deliver reasonable and transparent prices and business dealings, no matter what.